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Welcome To Animal Instincts

Do you work with children? Would you like to teach them..

To be safer?

More independent?

Happier & mentally resilient?

THIS is the programme for you!

Developed by experienced Martial Arts & Self Protection experts Animal Instincts is a complete self-protection system you can deliver to children of all ages.

About Jamie Clubb and Mary Stevens

Teaching honest children's self protection - with a wealth of experience and qualifications...

Jamie is the author of 'When Parents Aren't Around', recognised as the most comprehensive guide to children's self protection and has established an excellent reputation for informed and evidence-based self protection training.

Mary is a former school teacher and graduate of Oxford University who owns and runs Athena School of Karate as well as being a published children's author and leader in the field of women's self defence. Both are based in Oxfordshire.

Animal Instincts is the result of 5 years of planning and development. Please follow us to be kept up to date on offers and information about the forthcoming launch!

Sample Animal Instincts video lesson: Risks for 4-7 year olds


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Why buy this course? Ask the experts!

Check out this review by Iain Abernethy, 7th dan, chief instructor of the World Combat Association.

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Engaging parents in children’s self-protection  After-school clubs provide valuable enrichment and socialisation for children: dance, gymnastics, Scouts or Rainbows all remain popular choices for families across the UK. Some of these (...
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