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Animal Instincts Ages 4-7: Meerkat

Personal safety skill development for 4-7 year olds.

Exciting & engaging personal safety skills training designed to be delivered by parents, teachers & sports coaches

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Animal Instincts: Meerkat (4-7 years)


Here's Whats Covered In The Course

Lessons will be in video format with quizzes to complete in order to access a certificate of completion

  • Welcome to AI: Meerkat level.
    • Overview of the whole Animal Instincts concept
    • Introduction to the Meerkat course
    • What are the risks for this age group?
    • Lost Protocols: Choosing Strangers 1
    • Lost Protocols: Choosing Strangers 2
    • Lost Protocols: Choosing Strangers 3
    • Lost Protocols: Phone Numbers
    • Checkpoint 1
    • Crossing roads/Car park safety
    • Commentary Walks/Sensory I-Spy
    • Out and about: cafes and restaurants
    • Out and About: Common outdoor scenarios
    • Family Meeting Points and Protocols
    • Checkpoint 2
    • Boundary Setting 1: Personal Space pt 1
    • Boundary Setting: Personal Space pt2
    • Boundary Setting 2: Tabletop scenarios
    • Checkpoint 3
    • Awareness Discussions: Strangers and Dangerous People
    • Awareness Discussions: Oil and Water
    • Awareness Discussions: Earning Online Independence
    • Awareness Discussions: Cyber Scaries
    • Checkpoint 4
    • Meerkats: Final thoughts to pass on to students 1
    • Meerkats: Final thoughts to pass on to students 2
    • FInal Checkpoint

Sample Video From The Course

About Jamie Clubb and Mary Stevens

Teaching honest children's self protection - with a wealth of experience and qualifications...

Jamie is the author of 'When Parents Aren't Around', recognised as the most comprehensive guide to children's self protection and has established an excellent reputation for informed and evidence-based self protection training.

Mary is a former school teacher and graduate of Oxford University who owns and runs Athena School of Karate as well as being a published children's author and leader in the field of women's self defence. Both are based in Oxfordshire.

Animal Instincts is the result of 5 years of planning and development. Please follow us to be kept up to date on offers and information about the forthcoming launch!

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Customer Reviews

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Katja Groos - Karate Dojo Frechen, Germany

Verified Buyer

3 weeks ago

Compact and well structered course

Really great course. Mary and Jamie did a really good job. I am a karate trainer for kids aged 4-6. Many parents came to me with the wish: 'I want my child to learn karate so that they become self-confident and can defend themselves and go their own way safely.' I quickly realized that karate training alone might not be enough. So I spent a long time looking for content, topics and exercises. That was very tedious. With the Animal Instincts course I got exactly the compact material to fill this gap. As a mother, I am also grateful for some topics that I hadn't previously considered. I can highly recommend this great course.

Scott Fairburn

Verified Buyer

4 weeks ago

Fantastic course

So I'd start by saying there is nothing I disliked about the course. Its well structured and easy to follow. gives great advice and ideas on how to approached the subject matter for this age group. Running a 4-6 year old classes with my wife I will certainly be adding parts into what we already teach.

Dominika Dérerová

Verified Buyer

1 month ago

Great course for educators & parents

A great course for all teachers, self-defense instructors, educators & least but not last parents. In this course you will find very interesting information about how to educate/raise your child to be a confident and self-reliant person.

SH - SafeZone: Kids

Verified Buyer

2 months ago

One of the best resources available for giving 4-7 year olds the soft skills they need to successfully navigate the world and their emerging independence.

I have been teaching self protection for kids and teens for many years and this is one of the best resources available for giving 4-7 year olds the soft skills they need to successfully navigate the world and their emerging independence.
Jamie and Mary have put together something sorely needed in the arena of child safety and awareness and I highly recommend the Animal Instincts course.

Wayne Baker

Verified Buyer

3 months ago

Awesome Course

Very knowledgeable and experienced instructors giving great advice on soft skills for children.
Taken lots of subject discussions to use in my children’s classes.