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Animal Instincts E-book 1 - Conflict Education and Management for 4-7 year olds

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The first taster of our 2024 Animal Instincts programme! Download this ebook which raises and discusses issues around conflict education for children 4-7 years old. This book is a fragment of our whole Meerkat programme and is designed to give a flavour of the course. It is not a depth study of this very complex subject. The course itself looks at what and how to teach this age group... I think the ebook looks at *why* we should teach this age group in this way!

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Customer Reviews

Tom Theodore

Verified Buyer

2 months ago

Animal Instincts E-book 1 is unsurprisingly brilliant and the perfect length.

Spoiler alert: you may feel like an illiterate underachiever at times as you read this work.
Super for the most vulnerable in developmental stages, but extremely useful for "kids of all ages”.
"Developing a tolerance for losing”. Life strategies and tactics. No one always wins…so how best to adapt to succeed.
"Opting out" rather than losing. Adults do this too. Losing is part of all games, This includes the game of life. Winning is simply losing as infrequently as possible, or maximizing a situation, and making the best of each opportunity set. Sometimes that is losing or a draw.
Soccer parents’ behavior. Saturday at the soccer field; Iwo Jima must have been like that. Bad, bad memories..
Bullies seek "responsive targets". Gem right there.
Teach your child how to talk to the "right strangers" in the "right ways".
What it means to play "easy rules". Wow. If people learned that or practiced that as kids, how much better their lives would be.
"Emotional resilience" needs training, just like learning to walk needs training.
“Talking and training is so much better than ignoring and hoping”. Another gem.